Now In Amazing HD

Now in amazing HD

There really is no special order to these posts, but I do suggest you follow the stories according to there line up on the side from oldest to newest, for some reasons they might just make more sense, but I doubt it since my life is an amusing mess in it's self.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Now In Amazing HD

Let's start from the beginning, I don't really intend on making a movie, what I do intend to do is plan ahead, and just in cause forty years from now I can´t remember all the stupid, crazy and unbelieveable stuff that happened to me in my youth, likely due to all the stupid, crazy and unbelieveable stuff in the first place, atleast this will be here to remind me and anyone else about it. Of course, this all depends on whether or not the internet still exists. Maybe I should also write a physical copy just in case.

In my youthful 27, going on 28, years of life I've been apart of alot of other peoples stories. Today I've finally decided it's time to start writing some of these stories down for entertainment proposes. It took me a while to decide if this was a good idea or not, for many reasons. First of all, the world as we know it is greatly dominated by the YouTube scene. For a whole 2 minutes I put some serious thought in to going for a Vlog instead of a Blog. Why did I stick with this method you ask? It's not that i'm camera shy, it's more that the cameras are Marcio shy. So to counter attack the lack of video, which you'll thank me for later, I've made my best effort to make this Blog in High-Definition HD. No I'm not being redunant, I've made HD more HD (it's a new technology) which will make every single letter on the blog alot crisper and easier to read. And if you still don't want to read this, in a few weeks time I will be releasing the Audio Blog. I put on my best bathrobe, grab my favorite smoking pipe, sit in the best chair I've got, and read to you from my Blog making life all that easier for you. For the non smokers I can grab a bubble pipe instead if that pleases you.

Glad to see you are still reading, I bet you are looking for all the craziness and stupidness I've promised,it's on the way, but before that I'm going to have to tell everyone a few things about myself so you can understand that, besides all of my mistakes to date, I still managed to become a normal person in these last few years. And that scares me. I've lived in several great places over the years. Yet one never knows what the future has reserved for as, currently I'm back to where I spent most of my childhood. Cambridge Ontario. Cambridge watched me grow from 4 to 14, it didn't see much of my stupidness, but now I'm back and when I get a chance I'll show it. At 14 i moved back to Portugal with my family. And alot of what happened to me happened there, like the story with the dildo at the movies, or the foolish things I would do when drunk. So Portugal will be the main backdrop for all of the photos I'm going to put in to words for you. Germany was fun as well, but tequila and and dares in germany are not a great idea, unless you are the type of person who enjoys running around a backyard in just socks in the middle of winter.

I've got the stories, and they will be posted, if they offend someone, better yet, means I've got a reader or two, I will not be posting them in any special order of how they happened, they will be post as I go about remembering them. That being said, I guess I have kept you here long enough, so I salute your pacience, and hope you enjoy this blog to the best of your ability.

As the great Cersei Lannister once said "When you play the game of Blogs, either you write, or you sign out."

Marcio Peralta